Saturday, March 21, 2015

Disney Matching Game

Disney Matching Game: 1 - 4 players - Ages 3 plus - 5 minutes

Game Play: Take 36 matching tiles (or less), place them face down, flip them over two at a time trying to create a matching pair.

Review: I played this game with my three year old daughter and it is amazing the kind of memory a three year old has! She surprised my Mom enough to post about it.

The tricky part was keeping her attention when it was my turn so that she remembered what I had flipped over. There are so many characters in this game that you you have to have almost every Disney movie for your child to know every character. The game is simple, teaches memory skills, and is a great laugh when your child makes up names for characters. Mine started calling Dopey from Snow White, "Backwash".

The only issue is in packaging and we had to find some rubber bands to group the tiles together as it takes a while to start because you have to collect and match all the tiles before setting up the game.

All the tiles on display

Overall: You can get this on your iPad or phone but this is a cheap and easy way to get the kid's eyes off a screen for a while. Plus it is easy to pack up and play anywhere. You can make it as easy or as hard as you want by controlling the number of matches you play at a time. My three year old can do 16 tiles well and begins to struggle when I increase it to more than 20. After about three rounds the attention span begins to waver.

I recommend this game for it's high educational value, ease of use and adaptability to various skill levels.