Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shopping Cart Dash

Shopping Cart Dash: 2 - 4 Players - Ages 3 plus - 10 minutes

Game Play: Get your shopping list and your coins, roll the die and move your cart along the path. Look at what color you land on and search your shopping list for the item that corresponds to that color and place it in your cart. Then place one coin for the item in the slot on the produce stand. Two spaces are "spills" and you have to put an item back and two spaces are BOGO and you get to pick two items on your shopping list for the price of one. The first player to collect all of the items on their shopping list and make it back to where they started wins.

My daughter explains how to play the game...

Review: I have played this several times with my daughter and she loves it. The game itself is pretty simple but the setup is a bit much for a three year old. Once everything is setup she can play the game with ease and only still has trouble with the part where you have to get back to where you started before you can win the game. Each shopping list has a unique set of items so the players are not competing for the items on the produce stand.
The game itself comes in a nice box and the only issue is the cardboard produce stand. There is a coin slot under each section to put the coin inside. On the bottom are small holes the same size as what you put the coin in. I could not get the coins out of the cardboard and had to take scissors and cut a larger hole in order to get the coins out easier. I don't know if the play testers never played more than one game but this seems like an odd oversight. Nevertheless it is an easy fix.

And a 3 year old's review...

Overall: The game is good for teaching counting and searching for items. I'm not sure how much math it teaches as you are never paying more than one coin at a time. The game is simple and is completely based on luck. Two plays and you'll be ready for the next game.