Monday, May 23, 2016

Building the Team

 Building the Team

This is why I need artists on my team!
Here is view of the "Command Board". This is where the Incident Commander runs the Negotiations at the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, the Command Post, Negotiations Van, and Bomb Squad arrive to work form here. There is also a place to park the Armored Vehicle for possible deployment to the main board later as well as a place to park the equipment truck.

Since my last post a lot of things have been happening and I have several people interested in joining up to help me on this project. Once people get officially committed there will be introductions, but for now I just wanted to update you on what has happened over the weekend.

I currently have interest from a very talented young artist from here in the Denver area and I think her talent will be invaluable to getting this game a unique and stunning visual element. I am also speaking to a talented artist, graphic designer, and general internet wizard who will help me bring this project to life online. A good friend of mine is helping me setup a company and will handle accounting responsibilities. Another good friend who helped me play test my first version and even changed the way the entire game started will be helping with design. My sister-in-law has graciously volunteered to help with marketing which will be huge as that is way over my head.

Finally, I have already had a lot of friends say they are excited to play test the game to help work out the bugs. I go on vacation at the beginning of June and when I get back I will begin scheduling play test events through Facebook and other mediums as they get launched. They will eventually be open to anyone in the area so stay tuned.

I am meeting with my team members throughout this coming week and will keep you updated. One of our first decision points that I would like to include the community in, is this: What should the game be called? I gave a brief description of the game in my post "One Small Step..." near the bottom.

Comment below with suggestions for a name or join the poll on Facebook!

Until next time...