Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kickstarter needs backing!

Campaign Trail

I saw this game being promoted many months ago and was not interested due to the current state of politics in this country. Based off of the box art and title, I did not want to give this project a chance. Since then I have read the current Kickstarter campaign site and see that this is a game about how campaigning works, or is supposed to work. The creator's father came up with the idea and now they have brought it to life after development since 2012. I hesitate to call this a game and would probably call it a simulator. You advertise, campaign, travel, debate and try to get enough voters in the electoral college to be elected President; and you do it all without getting in to actual politics.

This game comes to us from Cosmic Wombat Games and is their second Kickstarter campaign. They are doing things right by listening to their audience. I remember what turned me off initially was the logo they had with a boxing elephant and donkey. Now the box features a capitol dome and invites a more educational feel than a me vs. you fight. The best part though? A viable third party option! This game can teach us a few things about current American politics and can show us how a third party candidacy can affect the game.

As of 5/21 they are 96% funded with 12 days to go. For more info on the campaign, click here.

What do you think about this game? Would you play it? Will you back it? Anyone want to play it on Tabletopia?