Friday, May 20, 2016

One small step

One Small Step...
I am designing a Board Game! Yes, several months ago I began developing a game that is unique, fun and very versatile. The photo above is my hand-drawn first version of the game. It has been play tested be several friends and family and I am currently working on version two. After several plays I believe this game has a viable chance of becoming successful. Those that see my occasional posts on the blog know that I back Kick Starter projects frequently and I am now looking to start a project to feature on Kick Starter.

This is going to be a large task, possibly one of the largest tasks I have ever attempted, but with the help of friends and family, I hope to bring this game to a professional quality of manufacturing and artwork. I am currently assembling a team of artists and other business-savvy people to help with this endeavor. A timeline has not yet been set but the first step begins today. I will keep posting about progress towards a launch day and will keep you updated about the development of the game itself so that I can provide a top-quality game that you would be proud to show on your "shelfies."

About the game: The game is a cooperative board game for 1 - 4 players set in modern time. The premise is that the players are controlling a SWAT team attempting to bring a hostage situation to a successful resolution. The game uses resource management, press-your-luck, and grid-based combat mechanics. 6 (or more) situation variables allow for the game to have a high replay value.

What can you do? Share this with your friends and help me generate hype as we take this adventure together. In the Denver area? Keep following this blog as I will need play-testers to help fine tune the mechanics.

Until next time...